Our Mission

We provide support, programs and resources within a safe environment, to help children, teens, adults and families move toward wholeness.

More than 50% of children in Canada live in "non-traditional" families coping with some type of loss. Each year CORNERSTONE provides training and curricula for volunteers in Alberta offering grief support services. Since CORNERSTONE’s inception, over 1000 children and their families in Alberta have benefited.

Our Vision

We exist to promote healing by journeying with those suffering loss due to separation, divorce, or death.

Our Values

We are Compassionate. As a faith-based organization, we love all people. We are followers of Christ reaching into our communities.

We are Committed. We serve with conviction, passion and humility.

We exhibit Grace. We engage in authentic relationships, and encourage growth in each other.

We Celebrate life. We pursue joy in the midst of adversity.

Goals of Cornerstone of Hope:

  • Connect directly with youth and adults that have gone through a painful loss in their family unit.
  • Provide powerful and positive tools that will assist in healing through time and effort.
  • Use successfully proven programs to encourage families to communicate their feelings and heal after loss.
  • Cornerstone of Hope is a dynamic not-for profit organization that offers the very successful HEARTZONE, DIVORCE CARE, and CORNERSTONE TEENS programs. Over the last 20 years, the programs have touched thousands of youth and adults that have been impacted by death, divorce or some other form of loss in the family environment. In response to requests for programs Alberta-wide, we have launched in Calgary and are working to develop other locations around the province.