In 1992, after serving in their local church leading the Sunday School program and serving at children’s camps for 18 years, Dennis and Irene Sanders observed a huge need in families going through separation, divorce or death. Running with the vision of helping families to live through loss and thrive in the face of adversity, Dennis and Irene discovered the program: "Rainbows for all God's Children". They used this program in their local church and taught others to use it. In 2002, they founded the not-for-profit "Cornerstone of Hope" and used their vision to help children across Alberta. In 2014, they set out to develop curricula that better fit within the heart and vision of Cornerstone. This vision became a reality with the Heartzone program for children, as well as the Thrive program for Teens, which is now in the final stages of development. In 2019, after serving families for 45 years, Dennis retired from Cornerstone of Hope, passing the passion and vision to Sarah Moss as CEO. Sarah has already served Cornerstone of Hope for 6 years as a volunteer and board member and is excited to continue the mission and vision of Cornerstone of Hope.


Our board consists of people who, besides serving on the board, have all volunteered to facilitate peer support groups in Cornerstone. Each board member works diligently in many capacities to support the families we serve. In addition, many hundreds of volunteers over the years have facilitated children's groups and served in so many ways to bring healing and health to thousands of children and their families.


Sarah Moss


Sarah recently became the new Chief Executive Officer in the summer of 2019 and is the go-to person for volunteers, participants, and donors. Sarah joined Cornerstone of Hope with her children as a participant in 2010, and then began serving as a volunteer in 2013. Sarah has facilitated children and adult groups, as well as served on the Board of Directors. As an entrepreneur, legal secretary and single mom, she understands the needs of our participants at a personal level. Being intimately familiar with the mission, and vision of Cornerstone of Hope, she is passionate about continuing its work.


Kathy Luther


• Kathy Luther (Chairman) has often facilitated the Thrive (teen) group over the past 10 years. As a retired Petroleum Land Manager, she brings knowledge of sound business practices to the board and a passion for our organization.


Irene Sanders


• Irene Sanders (Founding Member) has worked with children her whole life and is a co-founder of Cornerstone of Hope. Keeping us all grounded in who we are here to serve, Irene has faithfully served Cornerstone of Hope programs as a program coordinator, group facilitator, and event planner. She also offers personal prayer-counseling support. Irene and Dennis are the founders of Cornerstone of Hope.


Gerry Merk


• Gerry Merk is a real estate manager with a national firm. Gerry serves on the board and is developing a marketing and fund development plan for Cornerstone of Hope.


Terry Luther


Terry Luther is a strong supporter and wise advisor to the board. A tireless volunteer in many areas, his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience is invaluable to the business of Cornerstone of Hope.


Dr. Randy Johnson Ph.D.


Dr. Randy is a psychologist and the director of Master's Counseling Services in Calgary. Randy is past president of the board and serves as an advisor to Cornerstone.


Dr. Karen Colburne Ph.D.


Dr. Karen is children's psychologist with the Children's hospital in Calgary. Karen is a past director on the board and serves as an advisor to Cornerstone.


Sandy Reynolds


As a hospice chaplain, Sandy brings a knowledgeable perspective to the board. Sandy is a past director on the board.

Honorary Board Member

Dennis Sanders

Honorary Board Member

Honorary Board Member & Founder: Dennis Sanders. Dennis retired as Executive Director in the summer of 2019. In honour and recognition of his role in founding and building Cornerstone of Hope, the Board has made him a lifelong Honorary Member.