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Cornerstone of Hope

Support for children and parents during separation, divorce or death

CORNERSTONE OF HOPE is a Calgary based, not-for-profit organization that helps families live through loss and thrive in the face of adversity. Our programs for children and adults assist the participants to deal with the emotions around divorce, separation, or death and help restore emotional wholeness. Each program is a 12 week, small peer-support group that meets to share with each other and gain the emotional strength needed to be able to deal with what life has dealt to them. There are groups for all ages.   Programs begin in September and January each year. To find a location or register for a program, contact Sarah Moss
403 289-8555.




The HEARTZONE program helps children realize their self-worth, accept what has taken place in their families, and get on with being a child.

Cornerstone Teens


The Cornerstone for Teens program helps teens work through the effects of their parent's divorce on their own life. The interactive group sessions are a lot of fun, full of energy and very intense. New friendships and support are found here.


Canada Helps is an online donation tool. You can donate to Cornerstone of hope with the easy-to-use website:
Click on the Canada Helps button or any of the "Donate Now" buttons on this website to go to the secure Canada Helps website. At that site you can easily direct your donations to Cornerstone of Hope.

Plan to Protect


To protect vulnerable children, Cornerstone of Hope has adopted the guidelines and procedures taught by Plan to Protect. This is a course taught only to facilitators and leaders with Cornerstone of Hope.


Divorce Care


DIVORCE CARE groups meet weekly, providing adults with an ongoing “support team” as they deal with the issues surrounding separation or divorce.

Single and Parenting


Single and Parenting groups meet weekly, providing single parents with emotional support and practical solutions as they raise their children.

Healthy Boundaries


When to say YES, When to say NO; A boundary is a personal property line; it defines where you start and where you end. We'll provide you with examples and tools which will help you identify how to protect the core of your heart.

Smart Step Family


The Smart Step Family series assists remarried couples to navigate the challenges inherent in parenting a blended family.

Life Transformation


Transformations is an awesome video series coupled with a peer-support group that takes a serious look at the baggage that affects our lives.

Griefshare Support


Grief Share is a compassionate peer-support group and video series that helps you process the emotions involved when you’ve lost a loved one.

You can register at any time for an upcoming program


Our children's groups are all about sharing with their group what is going on inside their emotions. It is in this sharing, receptive listening, and acknowledgement of their feelings that the children find healing and acceptance.

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Start a new group

You can start a HEARTZONE, or Cornerstone Teen program in your School, Church, or other organization. Simply contact us and we will provide all the information and support you need. We can also direct you to the organizations that supply the other programs that we recommend.

Sponsor a Program

Canada Helps We invite you to help bring healing to people's lives by sponsoring one of the programs for one or more seasons. We do not charge families to participate in our programs. You can donate any of the amounts shown below to cover the costs involved for one program for one semester. You can click on "Donate Now", or contact Sarah Moss at 403 289-8555 or

Support a Family $415. Support one single-parent family for one season at Cornerstone. For a family of 4 the cost is $415 for a 12 week program. We do not charge any costs to our participants and are reliant on donations to be able to provide this support to families.

Boundaries $850. The Boundaries program helps the adult participants set meaningful boundaries around themselves. They learn to say yes and carry through, and say no when necessary. The cost to sponsor The Boundaries program for one semester is $85 per person and there are usually about 10 people in the group at one site.

Grief Share $850 The Grief Share program assists the adult participants work through the grief associated with the loss of a loved one. The cost to sponsor the Grief Share program for one semester is similar to the Boundaries program.

Heartzone $4400 The Heartzone program is for children who have suffered the loss of a parent because of Divorce, separation or death. The cost to sponsor the Heartzone program for one semester is $110 per child, and there are usually about 40 children in the Heartzone groups at one site.

Smart Step Family $850 The Smart Step Family program assists the adult participants work through the challenges associated with living in a blended family. The cost to sponsor The Smart Step Family program for one semester is similar to the Boundaries program.

Transform your Life $850 Transformations assists the adult participants to deal with the effects of our baggage. Our baggage comes as a result of what was done to us throughout our life - particularly in our younger, formative years. The cost to sponsor the Transformations program for one semester is similar to the Boundaries program.

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